The Herries Chronicles: Rogue July Reading At ‘Roy Reads Anything’

A busy time in business and work, as well as family health issues over the last year has kept me away from the Walpole Chronicles blog for far too long. So it was lovely to hear recently on Facebook that an online reading group is embarking on a ‘Rogue July’ reading of Rogue Herries (and for the adventurous and dedicated reader, the subsequent follow on novels in the Herries Chronicles series of books!).  

The message from Roy at ‘Roy Reads Everything’ inspired me to open up the blog editor and get writing again. If you’d like to find out more about and get involved in Rogue July you can find Roy’s YouTube channel here.

Bravo Roy, nice to see Walpole being wider read again, I hope you and your readers enjoy the experience and might be inspired to come over to the Lakes and explore the places in the books for themselves.

As for the Walpole Chronicles, even though the posts have been quiet here recently, I’ve still been adding to the extensive Walpole collection, including much ephemera and original articles relating to Hugh’s screenwriting work in America. Watch out for some new articles on that subject coming up soon! 


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