This bibliography documents the prolific work of Hugh Walpole by year of publication. It’s a constant work in progress and I’m also including magazine and newspaper articles written by him, collaborative and anthology books that included stories, forewords and other contributions  in an attempt to document as complete list as possible of his body of work.

If you have any information about any of Walpole’s work that might be missing from the list please get in touch via the Contact Page.


The Wooden Horse


Maradick at Forty


Mr Perrin and Mr Traill


The Prelude To Adventure




The Duchess Of Wrexe

The New Republic Magazine December 12th 1914. Article “In a Moscow Hospital” written by Hugh Walpole


Hugh Walpole The Story-Teller Magazine 1915

The Story-Teller Magazine February 1915. Story “March Square: VI – ‘Enery” written by Hugh Walpole

The Golden Scarecrow


The Dark Forest

Joseph Conrad


The Green Mirror

The Strand Magazine July 1918. Story “Monsieur Felicite and Miriel” written by Hugh Walpole


The Secret City



The Captives

The Art Of James Branch Cabell

The Bookman December 1920. Article “On Finishing a Novel” written by Hugh Walpole


The Thirteen Travellers

A Hugh Walpole Anthology

The Young Enchanted


The Works Of Saki (H.H. Munro), Reginald & Reginald In Russia. With an introduction by Hugh Walpole


The Cathedral

Babbit by Sinclair Lewis. Introduction written by Hugh Walpole


Jeremy and Hamlet

The Bookman Magazine October 1923. Article “Mr Poverty Struck Book Collector” written by Hugh Walpole


The Old Ladies

The Crystal Box. Privately printed (150 copies only) autobiographical work

The Strand Magazine April 1924. Features An Interview With Hugh Walpole by Gladys Beattie Crozier.


The English Novel (The Rede Lecture)

The Living Age Magazine February 1925. Autobiographical Essay “Memories Of A Cathedral Childhood” written by Hugh Walpole

The Bookman Magazine May 1925. Article “Some Younger English Novelists” written by Hugh Walpole


Harmer John

Reading: An Essay

The Bookman Magazine November 1926 Article “On Parting with a Favorite Character” written by Hugh Walpole

Harpers Magazine June 1927 Short Story “The Tiger written by Hugh Walpole (also appears in his book of short stories, The Silver Thorn)


Jeremy At Crale


Anthony Trollope


The Silver Thorn

The American Legion Monthy January 1928. Part one of the article “America From The Outside in” written by Hugh Walpole

The American Legion Monthy February 1928. Part two of the article “America From The Outside in” written by Hugh Walpole

A Book With Seven Seals by Anon (Agnes Maud Davies). Foreword written by Hugh Walpole


Farthing Hall (with J. B. Preistley)

Hans Frost


The Legion Book, Edited by Captain H. Hotton Minchin,  September 1929. “Scarlatt”, a short story which was originally the first (and only) chapter of an unfinished book, started in New York in 1927, which eventually was later reworked to become published as his book The Sea Tower


Rogue Herries

Behind The Screen (Chapter 1 of the Serial in The Listener Magazine Written by Hugh Walpole)

The Secret Valley, The Real Romance Of Unconquered Lakeland by Nicholas Size. Foreword by Hugh Walpole. Published by Frederick Warne And Co.


Above The Dark Circus

Judith Paris


Four Fantastic Tales

The Fortress

A Letter to a Modern Novelist

The Waverley Pageant

The Apple Trees. Privately printed by the Golden Cockerel Press, limited to 500 copies, an autobiographical work


All Souls Night


The Bookman Magazine December 1933. Article “Books I Have Enjoyed In 1933” written by Hugh Walpole

British Agent by R.H. Bruce Lockhart. Foreword written by Hugh Walpole


Captain Nicholas

Extracts From a Diary

Cathedral Carol Service (Promotional Book for The Inquisitor)

A Century Of Creepy Stories (Edited by Hugh Walpole). Includes The Snow, The Tarn, A Little Ghost, Mrs Lunt written by Hugh Walpole.

The Gateway Of Literature – Five Centuries of Great Tales of Youth. Introduction by Hugh Walpole, contents selected and arranged by Hugh Walpole and Wilfred Partington. Includes Jeremy and the Runaways written by Hugh Walpole.

Poems Of Lakeland, An Anthology, compiled by Mrs Ashley P. Abraham. Foreword written by Hugh Walpole

The Cathedrals Of England by Harry Batsford & Charles Fry. Foreword written by Hugh Walpole


The PictureGoer Magazine July 7th 1934. Article “Hugh Walpole, Hardwicke and Hollywood”.


Poems Of Lakeland, An Anthology. Compiled by Mrs Ashley P Abraham, Foreword by Hugh Walpole


The Inquisitor


A Prayer For My Son

The Mammoth Book of Thrillers, Ghosts and Mysteries. Includes Major Wilbraham written by Hugh Walpole

Wonderful West Cumberland. Foreword by Hugh Walpole, Published by The Whitehaven News Limited., Cumberland, 1936


John Cornelius

The Cathedral (A Play in Three Acts)

The Second Century Of Creepy Stories (Edited by Sir Hugh Walpole). Includes Tarnhelm written by Hugh Walpole


A Head in Green Bronze

The Joyful Delaneys

Colliers Magazine January 8th 1938. Short Story “Mother’s a Pity” written by Hugh Walpole

The Strand Magazine October 1938. Includes The Beard written by Hugh Walpole

M’Connachie And J.M.B, Speeches By J. M. Barrie Compiled by Peter Davies Limited. Preface written by Hugh Walpole

The Strand Magazine December 1938. Short Story “The Perfect Close” written by Hugh Walpole


The Sea Tower

The Herries Chronicle (Combined Edition with a new Foreword)

The Haxtons (A Play in Three Acts)

The Strand Magazine July 1939. Includes The Faithful Servant written by Hugh Walpole


Roman Fountain

The Bright Pavilions

The Spokesman Review, This Week Magazine Supplement. Features the article “What Is Freedom” written by Sir Hugh Walpole.

The Living Age Magazine November 1940. Article “World To Come” written by Sir Hugh Walpole

Horizon 1, No.2 1940. Essay “Henry James: A Reminiscence” written by Sir Hugh Walpole



Open Letter of an Optimist

The Blind Man’s House

Published Posthumously


The Killer and The Slain


Katherine Christian


Mr Huffam


Behind The Screen (Chapter 1 of  Behind The Screen written by Hugh Walpole, published for the fist time in book form as “The Scoop & Behind The Scene”)