My Religious Experience

Affirmations, God In The Modern World – My Religious Experience, by Hugh Walpole

Hugh Walpole contributed to a series of short booklets published in 1928, edited by Dr. Percy Dearmer, of King’s College, London, assisted by a small committee of which Dr. David, Bishop of Liverpool, is Chairman.

In this edition, Hugh Walpole writes a deeply intimate autobiographical insight into his his thoughts and feelings towards spirituality and how his faith was formed.

The introductory text to the book states that the series attempts an inductive approach to religion based on the pursuit of Truth, Beauty and Goodness. The writers are actively engaged in that pursuit through the channels of religious ministry, literature, politics, philanthropy, science and art. The writers recognise the impulse towards all such achievement to be akin to the Creative Spirit, though they would not all give the same account of the inspiration they experience or observe.

The essays, orthodox or otherwise, are presented as they are written in the hope that frank discussion on broad lines may assist many to face afresh the question whether Christianity, rightly understood, does not make better sense of the world and its work than other systems of thought or ways of life. Each contributor writes for himself. The Editor and Committee are not responsible for his views.

They believe, however, that the principle of open discussion by which scientific conclusions are established is of service also to the Christian religion; and they are confident that as the series progresses misunderstandings and mistakes will tend to drop away.

Their ideal for the series is that it should provide concise information upon all the problems which are troubling men’s minds, each volume dealing constructively with a definite question and ending with a short list of books for further study. This Volume belongs to Section I of the Series.

Audio recording by David Wales.


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